Read this first to enjoy your experience with this crew

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Read this first to enjoy your experience with this crew

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:56 pm

This crew is for people who just want to have fun playing GTA V online. No stupid ass backstabbing, killing other players for no reason  bull shit.

Get with a crew member to enjoy doing missions, races, death matches, rob stores together, etc.

Don't get pissed if a crew member shoots you, mistakes happen! If a crew member keeps messing with you over and over again, then report him/her and they can explain themselves. If they're deemed an a-hole, then they'll get kicked off the crew.

Don't headhunt other players online (it's a dick thing to do) just for the sake of head hunting. If an online player keeps messing with you and a crew member is online also, then get together and own that online players ass.

Remember, you represent the crew, so don't be a dick, just have fun. It's that simple!!


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